The language of The New Scotland (2)

Accusing Labour Party members of being Nazis is, believe it or not, a common tactic of the online nationalist community. This comment was published this morning on The Sunday Herald’s website by “Ronald, Glasgow”:

“So, Das Neu Leibor Gruppen is, under Gruppenfuhrer Alexander KAPUTT !!
But wait! What about those vunerable two year old’s? And the lame little puppy dog with the big bandage on its paw? Hahhahahhahaa
Quick send out the call for HIS MAGESTIC NOBLENESS: THE BARON VON DER FOULKES UND CUMNOCK, Labours leader in waiting. He’ll save the puppy-dog.”

Okay, I’m not sure what all the puppy dog references are about, but you get the idea: Labour oppose the SNP, ergo, we’re murdering fascists. Not sure I follow the logic. The worrying thing is that there are plenty nationalists out there who do.

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