The language of The New Scotland (3)

And there’s more, lots more. This one is also from The Sunday Herald. Isn’t it odd that this kind of vitriol has never received much attention in the Scottish press? Isn’t it also remarkable that no SNP politician has actually disowned this kind of hate-mongering? Over to you, “Jock in the Box, Embra”:

“The majority of New Labours supporters are thick as mince,and are incapable of thinking for themselves. They believe that Labour is “fur the wurkin man and everybody else is Tories”.(Cupid Stunts is the technical term I believe). I have canvassed many thousands of electors,and one thing that one cannot fail to be impressed by ,is the amount of absolute garbage,much of which is not even a possibilty,that Labour supporters have between their ears. They are even proud of the fact that they are THICK AS MINCE. There can be no greater hallmark of an ignormamus than he is proud as in unaware if it.”

Beautiful sentiments, beautiful people.


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