Cameron defined

Hosted a table at Labour’s fundraising gala at the London Hilton this evening. John O’Farrell said a very wise thing (and also some very funny things): when Gordon Brown talks about his politics, you can tell his passion is real – he believes in what he’s saying. Cameron? He is mildly irritated that his birthright of power has not yet been handed to him on a silver platter. He (O’Farrell, not GB) said you cannot entrust the future of our country to people whose only interest in the national minimum wage is with regard to how much they have to pay their nannies. Gosh, class war! Remember that?

One major disappointment of the night: David (Doctor Who) Tennant was there, and I was desperate to introduce myself as the House of Commons’ top DW fan. That’s not at all tragic, is it? But he was so mobbed by other people that I decided to wait. And then he left before I got the chance. Honestly – now I know how Sarah Jane felt at the end of the last episode of “The Hand of Fear”.


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