The language of The New Scotland (4)

Just been checking out the comments over at The Herald‘s website, and was reminded of an interesting aspect of nationalists’ lifestyles. The anti-UK comments start as soon as the stories are posted at midnight and continue throughout the night, regardless of time! I can imagine them sitting in their bedsits thinking, “I’ll write just one more comment, then I’m going to sleep”, only to be further enraged when someone else posts something they disagree with and that’s them for the night.

Amid all the rancid homophobia that peppers the nationalists’ comments on these threads, comes this from a charming gentleman from Glasgow calling himself Steve A (the affected colloquialisms make me think he would be such a hoot at parties):

“… am gonny buy a big rottweiler and give it a wee doll that looks like cairns and teach it to attack it at least 5 times a day and then am gonny take it walkies doon greenock way on election night. Do ya want to come ?”

So, let’s recap: homophobia, threats of violence, utter contempt and even hatred, not just for those politicians with whose views you disagree, but for everyone who votes for your opponents’ party. Well, roll on independence…

And don’t even get me started on the punctuation. Listen, guys, when you want to make a noun plural, just add an s; there’s no need for an apostrophe. I mean, anyone would think you didn’t know how to use the Queen’s English.


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