Things can only get verse…

Thought I’d jump on the old parliamentary poetry bandwagon and try my hand at some really poor verse. I’m sure you’ll agree it really is poor:

As I was walking up Whitehall
I met a man who told me: “Call
Me Dave. Now tell me, have you seen
My legendary Spin Machine?”

I told him “No”, and he just smiled,
Fished out his phone and then he dialled.
And soon into my view did hove
None other than young Michael Gove

“Our Dave’s the one our country needs
He’s long on words (though short on deeds)
But not immune to some own-goals
Why must you, Dave, offend the proles?”

“I may have caused offence, old chap
With pejorative use of ‘council flat’
But The Mirror’s splash’s beyond a joke
Red lights are just for common folk!”


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