Scottish Labour’s finest hour

Gordon’s speech was brilliant, proving the truth of my earlier post. Positive reasons to support the Union, rather than attacks on the SNP’s obsessions. As GB rightly said: when Alex Salmond wakes up of a morning, his first thought is: “How do I weaken the Union today?” When a Labour member wakes up, he/she thinks: “How can I make this country better?”

For me, the Union has always been a means to an end – a tool by which to achieve the social reforms we need, to fight poverty, to obtain better access to opportunity for everyone. For the SNP, the destruction of the United Kingdom is an end in itself.

What really encouraged me was the standard of speech from two earlier speakers. Johann Lamont, the MSP for Pollok, and Anas Sarwar, our prospective canddiate in Glasgow Central, delivered outstanding speeches. Three knockout speeches in a row. Anyone tuning into conference this afternoon couldn’t possibly have been unimpressed.


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