Infamous ancestor

Just had dinner with a senior government minister who was recently told by his cousin of an unexpected twist to his family tree. Their (the minister and his cousin) grandmother’s maiden name was James, and she was a cousin of Jesse James of Colorado and Bradd Pitt fame. If I feel like it, I will reveal the minister’s name tomorrow.

PS – This isn’t an April Fool’s joke.



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2 responses to “Infamous ancestor

  1. Eric

    All the known family members of the Jesse James family can be found in the genealogy database, maintained for the family by The James Preservation Trust. See:
    There is no Jesse James of Colorado. However, there does exist an imposter and family claimant who employs the name, maintains a web site, and masquerades as a Jesse James family. The claimant has refused to subject himself to dna testing, as has been the case with a number of individual who claim a relationship to the Jesse James family. The Jesse James family for a number of years has been seeking James in Caernarvon, Wales, to participate in their dna testing program. The Jesse James family can trace its roots to Edward II.

  2. Kaleb

    Who is it then Tom?

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