At last the joke’s on Vince

Vince Cable – formerly Compo Clegg to Ming Campbell’s Foggy Dewhurst – was greeted with loud cheers when he stood up at PMQs yesterday. We had all missed his wit in the weeks since he stepped aside to let Nick “Thirty.. count ’em, THIRTY” Clegg take centre stage. But pride comes before, etc… He broke Commons rules by asking a question about the Queen, then affected indignation when the Speaker rightly gave him only one more shot at getting it right.

Now he’s joined the ranks of those looking to “modernise” the Commons and says such arcane rules are “ridiculous”.

Odd, because I can’t recall this being a particular concern of Vince’s before yesterday.


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One response to “At last the joke’s on Vince

  1. Steve

    “Thirty.. count ‘em, THIRTY” Clegg”

    This made me genuinely laugh out loud.

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