Prog rock apologist

Politics is all about compromise and pragmatism. And the biggest personal conflict I have, as the House of Commons’ leading (for which read “only”) Genesis fan, concerns Phil Collins. Can a Labour Party member/MP/minister retain his devotion to prog rock’s finest when their lead singer once threatened to do a Paul Daniels and leave Britain if Labour ever came to power? Well, yes, as it happens. Even made the trip to Paris last year to catch their latest reunion tour.

You see, he was objecting to John Smith’s promise before the 1992 election to lift the ceiling on national insurance contributions, effectively increasing the higher rate of tax to 50 per cent. But subsequently the Labour Party dropped that policy, thereby agreeing that Phil was right all along, right?

Well, anyway, he never asked his wife for a divorce by fax. That was made up…

(More on Genesis…)



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2 responses to “Prog rock apologist

  1. hi tom – well i think he did. a friend just told me phil moved into my neighborhood here on the upper west side of manhattan.

    favorite track ever of genesis?

    mine – i must say afterglow performed and reinvented live

    cheers! tom

  2. I read a PC interview on this subject and he denied it. I just think he’s one of these guys who’s an easy target for the media – people want to believe bad things about him.

    All-time favourite track? The Seconds Out version of Carpet Crawl. Favourite album – Selling England. But don’t get me started…

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