Guilty secrets

There’s been a lot of interest in this site from an unexpected source recently, and I’m grateful for it. Who would ever thought that the music of Genesis would be of more interest to visitors than politics?

The reason I mention this is that yesterday I spent the day at the Scottish Parliament as a guest of my own MSP and good friend, Charlie Gordon and his wife, Emma. With us was a Westminster colleague, the education minister, Kevin Brennan, who’s also the MP for Cardiff West. Kevin, as far as I know, is the only MP apart from myself who knows all the words to Harold the Barrel. I know this because he and I sung it all the way through while we were having a drink in the Strangers’ Bar of the House of Commons a few years ago. Who says MPs aren’t cultured?



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2 responses to “Guilty secrets

  1. Hi Tom. I gave you a mention on my blog, and it provoked this response:

    Prog rock is a crime against humanity. Harris should be on trial in The Hague, not running the country.”

    I would leap to your defence, but… he does kind of have a point!

  2. Tom Smith

    that’s just sad , ( I know the words too ).

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