Feel the love, Paul

Paul Staines, aka Guido Fawkes, has paid me and my blog a compliment by deigning to leave a comment to my previous post, “Angry nation”. Ironically, I was trying to make a point, not against Paul himself or his blog, but against those odd individuals who have such faith in their convictions that they choose to hide behind pseudonyms such as “F**king Delicious!”. Charming.

Anyhoo, my new buddy Paul really set me straight and reassured me that my concern for the decline of courtesy and standards in public discourse is misplaced. Here’s his comment:

“If the internet gives a voice to tragic individuals it may explain why you have a blog.

“I think people are rude about politicians because they hate you. They hate your self serving money grubbing ways. Your non-stop spin and lies.

“Every single poll puts politicians status below even estate agents. Look in the mirror and ask yourself, why?”

Aw, bless.


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One response to “Feel the love, Paul

  1. Tom Smith

    I can understand an MP , or anyone for that matter , having an online diary , but I don’t see why someone would want to comment on it , it’s not a forum . ( I do see the irony in this reply ) You can always check if You’re being offensive by asking Yourself if You would say that out loud if You met someone in the street , perhaps more people should take this advice to heart .

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