Superhero Scot

Just been reading a new comic book by Mark Millar, entitled “Kick Ass”. Now, I wouldn’t normally plug something like that in what is intended to be a predominantly political blog, but this is gold dust. Millar is already one of the world’s leading talents when it comes to this genre. One of his greatest works, “Wanted”, has been made into a movie starring Angelina Jolie and James McAvoy. And he recently took over writing on “Fantastic Four”, Marvel’s most prestigious title.

And here’s the thing – he still lives and works in Glasgow.

Anyway, back to “Kick Ass”. It’s got a great premise: a high school kid who’s into comic books wonders why no-one’s ever thought before about actually putting on a costume and fighting crime. So he does it himself. Beautiful script, great artwork (by John Romita Jr). If you’ve never even thought about reading a comic book before, then read this. And if you want to get hold of a copy, I’m not lending you mine, but this guy can probably help.


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  1. Evan Williams

    Lets think about this – putting on a costume and fighting crime… how is that different from what the police do?

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