Clegg a former Tory? Well, we all make mistakes…

Who cares if Nick (“Honestly, darling, they meant nothing to me…”) Clegg was a Tory as a student? Truth is, technically, so was I.

It’s a long story, but basically the Conservative Association at Glasgow College Freshers’ Fayre asked if it was okay to send me some information. Moronically, and because I felt sorry for the bloke behind the table (he looked awful lonely) I said okay. A couple of weeks later I received in the post the following three items: (1) a membership card for the Conservative Party; (2) an invitation to a fund-raising cheese and wine party at Strathclyde University; and (3) a welcome letter which began with the salutation: “Dear Prime Minister lover…” No, seriously. And this was 1983, remember. I wish now that I’d kept them all.

Anyway, I didn’t think much more about it, and a few months later joined the Labour Party. But I mentioned all this to a friend who was on the Students Representative Council (SRC), and he told me the Tories had been running a scam in order to retain their SRC grant, involving signing people up and paying their party subscription without their knowing.

Sounds like Nick’s involvement with the Forces of Darkness was a lot more deliberate than mine. Hope you like the picture of the man himself. It’s the first one that came up on a Google search. My goodness, though, he’s aged since becoming leader, hasn’t he? Is that a party worker he’s with?


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