Lewis Carroll had nothing on this lot

If Peter Oborne or Guido Fawkes or any of the other anti-politics usual suspects want a great example of political surrealism, they should check out Dave’s latest foray into Wonderland. I suppose it speaks volumes for Dave’s self-confidence that he can spout this stuff with a straight face, and even more for the media’s short memory and determination to give him and the Tories the benefit of the doubt that they report it without guffawing.



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2 responses to “Lewis Carroll had nothing on this lot

  1. Yeah, the evil Tories would probably bin the chancellor’s 10p starting tax band and use the money to cut the basic rate to 20p thus benefiting the bloated plutocrats at the expense of the toiling proletariat.

  2. Mike Harris

    Bravo – good piece on Paul Staines a few posts back. When are the links between senior Tory MPs and Guido’s homophobic, racist blog going to be exposed? I don’t think it would be acceptable for any Labour MP to give gossip away to a BNP blog, but somehow it’s fine for Tories to treat with an intolerant and often racist blog.

    And Guido’s line that he doesn’t sensor comments is a straw man, he does, often. Just not the racist and or homophobic ones.


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