Clare’s plea to Labour MPs: Please vote for war

Guido has a link to an Al-Jazeera interview with Clare Short, who (if the Arabic translation is correct) seems to call for Tony Blair to be tried for war crimes. Since that could never happen, and since there is absolutely no justification for that ever happening, you have to wonder why this particularly odd obsession has consumned so many so-called Left wing commentators, from Robert Harris to Everyone Who’s Ever Written For The Guardian.

I voted for the war in Iraq. So did Clare Short. Unlike Clare, I did not write personally to every Labour MP urging them to vote for the war in Iraq. So if she’s so keen on her version of international justice, maybe she’ll hand herself in.


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One response to “Clare’s plea to Labour MPs: Please vote for war

  1. With all due respect, I still believe that you were utterly wrong to vote for it, and so do most of my generation. That aren’t in NOLS.

    As war powers are technically an exercise of prerogative, surely decisions to go to war are covered by crown immunity? As for voting for it, voting for a criminal policy in a parliament would have whatever government subsequently enforcing the act acting ultra vires; in this case, as we’re talking prerogative, the army etc.

    I think the legal ground for the way was pretty shaky, anyway. On the face of it, it doesn’t seem to go either way. I’m not sure Lord Goldsmith’s advice is to be trusted, and if it was, which lot should be.

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