Dave’s mask almost slips

Just left the chamber after PMQs, and the most interesting aspect of this week’s shout-fest was Cameron’s very obvious attempt not to burst out laughing after he accused the prime minister of putting party political advantage above government. The Speaker had to call our side to order since we could hardly believe what Dave had just said, and as the Speaker shouted for order, Dave was looking straight across at GB, saying nothing, but with a smirk threatening to emerge from his lips. That would have blown his whole “sincerity” thing for all to see. Sadly, he regained control and sat back down.

As for Nick (“Can I write your mobile number in this little black book, love?”) Clegg, what a car crash of a question time! Again! Tell me, does his anger appear as synthetic on TV or is it because I’m only sitting a few feet away from him that I can see he’s an utter phoney? And what’s with all the arm-waving? Does he think that makes him look even angrier? Thing is, I can think of nothing less intimidating than an angry Nick Clegg, so why does he even bother?


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One response to “Dave’s mask almost slips

  1. Mike

    When will our party act against the disgraceful Kate Hoey? Its appalling that she is allowed to continue as a member.

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