Ken: The end

So that’s that, then. And Boris doesn’t look as happy as I suspect Ken would have been. I was about to say he looks a bit shell-shocked, but then he always looks shell-shocked.

At least the English National Party only got 10,695 votes, which is some comfort.

I’m off to bed now so the world can sod off.


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One response to “Ken: The end

  1. There’s a possibility (sorry – I know that blog commenters are not supposed to let even a scintilla of doubt impeded their streams of rabid certainties) that Boris has just suffered the mother of all paper candidates’ nightmares.

    Given the difficulties that the Tories had finding a candidate willing to take on the role, it could be that he was persuaded that, by standing, he might boost his flagging position in the party without any realistic risk of ending up having to do the job. As caring lefties, maybe we should be feeling some sympathy for him…

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