Smug arrogance over Boris

James Landale, speaking outside No. 10, has said that some Tory sources are daring to predict that Boris won’t just win the mayoralty – he might win it in the first round, in other words, with more than 50 per cent of first preferences. Given the results in the rest of the country, I suppose that’s an outside possibility, but good grief, it didn’t take long for the Tories to regain their smugness, did it? They clearly feel that their God-given birthright of power is about to be handed back to them on a silver platter. We’ll see.



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3 responses to “Smug arrogance over Boris

  1. Come on, Tom, don’t let class warrior chippiness get in the way of recognising strategic advantage. Who would you rather deal with at Transport for London, Ken’s battle hardened wolf pack or Bambi and friends? No demands for TfL services to Brighton under the ‘bonkers blond toff’.

  2. Roger – there’s more at stake than that, believe me. Boris would be a disaster for the capital.

  3. Chris Gale

    I do not intend letting these awful Tories take power.
    The fight back starts now.
    I will not let decades of work be swept away by Cameron and his hunting friends.

    Chris Gale
    Labour party member and anti hunting campaigner.

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