GTA IV: An unfit parent confesses

Son Number 1 (aged 16) has been sending me anxious texts about the likely arrival date of his copy of Grand Theft Auto IV, which I’ve ordered for him through Should I feel guilty about buying him such a violent game? Or about buying him the previous three? Am I an unfit parent?

I’m only half joking. I’m pretty liberal on these matters, and Son Number 1 has never given me cause to worry that he might start selling drugs or become a pimp. But is there a link between these ultra-violent games and real violence? If there is, then there’s also a link with violent movies. Yet after watching Reservoir Dogs I was hardly ever tempted to cut off a policeman’s ear.

Anyway, he’s just texted to ask whether use Royal Mail or a private postal delivery company. I suppose I should be glad that at least he’s showing an interest in competition policy.


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One response to “GTA IV: An unfit parent confesses

  1. Forget GTA, what is really worrying is the confession in an earlier blog that your 4 year old plys with Thomas the Tank Engine toys. What is it about this reactionary steamist stuff? Why is the Hogwarts Express a steam train? Is is part of an international conspiracy to turn our kids off modern technology? And burning coal? Sign up the 2 year old to TOAST (Toddlers Opposing Anthropormorphic Steam Trains) My grand daughter is the General Secretary.

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