Old friends and seagulls

You might have noticed a link to Gadgetvicar on my blogroll. This is the blog of one of my oldest friends, the Rev. David McCarthy, the vicar at St Silas in the west end of Glasgow. We went to the same school, Garnock Academy, and were members of the same church for a while: Dalry Trinity Church of Scotland. He’s posted with a reminder of something I had forgotten: that he, not I, was the original Irwin C. Gull.

The centre picture in the banner above is of said bird, and yes, that’s me in 1985. I had been asked a year earlier to don the rather impressive suit to walk in Irvine New Town’s Merrymas Parade, taking over the role from the soon-to-be Rev. McCarthy. I like to think I made the role my own, bringing a certain amount of subtlety and grace to it. But in fact I just flopped around handing out badges and running away from small children intent on pulling down my seagull shorts. But, hey, it was a living.


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