They’re back

For years we in the Labour Party warned the public and each other that the Tories would re-emerge one day as an electoral threat. Tony Blair used to tell the Parliamentary Labour Party this on a regular basis. Now that day has arrived. The public’s memory is short, so it’s up to us to remind them of the core values of David Cameron’s party: to protect vested interests, to defend privilege and to promote the rights of wealthy individuals above those of society.

Having said that, it would be churlish not to acknowledge Cameron’s achievement in making the Tories electable again just three years after their last catastrophic general election defeat. Shallow and superficial he undoubtedly is, but an effective salesman nonetheless. Even if, having got his foot in the door, he has precisely nothing in his suitcase worth buying.



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2 responses to “They’re back

  1. Mary Connor

    Hi!! Tom
    Well it has happened and I blame the likes of Charles Clark and his ilk who put their personel Grievances above that of the unity of the Party and of course all the other “Blairites” who are too busy backstabbing GB instead of working together to put things right and as for the 10p tax fiasco ..why wasnt that dealt with when it was first aired ..what were they doing ..sleeping ..that should have been sorted out last year but I have to say that isnt the only thing people didnt like ..labour has gone way off the board after all it was the Party of the Poor and it is now regarded more Conservitive than the Tories so it is time it dropped the NULabour tag and returned to what it does best ..Fight for the Poorest not the Rich who have got a lot more out of Tony Blairs Labour Government than they had any right too .. as for GB ..I do like him and feel that if he drops the Spin Doctors and goes to the People as he is and talks to them without any spin ..he will win them back as most beleive him to be Honest and strong albeit not a Poster Boy like TB ( of which the People got really sick off concerning Tonys Celebrity style of Politicking ) People want a Leader who stands up for British Values and not for bending the Law of the Land within the UK to suit minorities as in allowing this archaic practice of polygamous marriages any benefits of any kind when it is against our core values and is deemed Illegal on this Island ..This is only 1 thing but it is important to the majority in the UK as they feel that they are being ignored regarding this and of Course Immigration other we have children and women being smuggled here for the Sex trade , we have minorities complety flouting our Laws , Why ? because our Government wont do anything that will upset the Minorities but dont care if they Upset the majority and it is this fact alone that has more to do with the loss of all these local elections in England than just the 10p Fiasco as for us in Scotland ..Wendy has to go .. she has done more damage than any of you will face up to ..but you have to if you want to get the support back ..she knows this too and should do the honourable thing ..

  2. “defend privilege and to promote the rights of wealthy individuals above those of society.”

    The tories are intensely relaxed about people being stinking rich…

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