‘Complacent? Moi?’

“I am only concerned about one rather big issue,” writes Tory MP Nadine Dorries in her blog. “How am I going to remember the names of 200 new MPs?”

A bit too early to be worrying about that, Nad, don’t you think?

All through his leadership, Tony Blair warned us against complacency. All good leaders do, particularly those who remember the drudge of powerless opposition. Labour had to work hard to achieve government. It seems the mindset among Tory MPs is different. As I’ve said here before, to the Tories, government is seen as a birthright, not a privilege.

Where Tony warned against complacency, Dave’s message to the nation seems to be: “Well done, you’ve come to your senses. Now just keep behaving yourself in the polling booth and we’ll say no more about it.”

Intriguingly, Nad announces she won’t be posting again until Monday night, when she’ll have “big news”. Hmmm…


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