Commons tribute to Fleming Snr

With everyone paying tribute to Bond creator Ian Fleming on the 100th anniversary of his birth, I thought it appropriate to point out a little known Fleming tribute in the House of Commons.

Around the walls at the opposite end of the chamber from where the Speaker sits are a number of small wooden shields or coats of arms, each one representing a former Member who fought and died in the war (both world wars, I think, but I’m not sure). One of them has the name Fleming underneath, representing Valentine Fleming, Ian’s father, who was a Tory MP when he was killed on the battlefield in France in May 1917. As a Bond aficionado, I would like to take a photograph of it, but I doubt if the Serjeant-at-Arms staff would let me.



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2 responses to “Commons tribute to Fleming Snr

  1. parburypolitica

    Go on I dare you.

  2. Well, maybe I will. If successful, I will post the picture here.

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