Train delay

Currently stuck on a delayed Virgin train at Preston. The reason is that somebody has been killed on the track south of here. Unclear as to whether or not it’s a suicide.

Valid reason for the delay notwithstanding, I always get nervous in these situations in case someone recognises me as the railways minister (however unlikely that may be). I have visions of someone pointing at me and shrieking “It’s him!” and everyone else pursuing me while someone shouts: “Get a rope! String ’im up!” Then there would be a big chase up a mountainside at night, with me being pursued by angry Bavarian villagers carrying lit torches…

I’m either getting my genres mixed up or I’ve been working too hard. Probably the former.

And the damn train still hasn’t moved. Suggestions for keeping a four- and a two-year-old entertained in these circumstances?



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2 responses to “Train delay

  1. On the matter of keeping the four and two year old entertained, can I just check whether they are your children or your parliamentary assistants? (all these go-getter political staff look younger the older I get).

    If the former, a useful one is three of those little milk holders you get on trains for your coffee, empty them, turn them upside down with a scrap of paper inside one and whizz them around in magician way, asking them to choose which one. it worked for mine.

    If the latter, get them thinking laterally on how to use the Bavarina villagers on your train most effectively to get the trains to run on time, rather than chase oyu up mountains. They are German after all.

    have a good journey now.

  2. Back in prehistoric times I worked for BR. I was always a little shy about admitting it in case I got harangued about the poor timekeeping of the 8:03 from Bat & Ball or some-such.

    I was a bright young chap in IT (although we didn’t call it that in those days) and so had very little connection with the day-to-day operation of the trains. But one afternoon the messaging system for which I was responsible was down for a couple of hours.

    When I got to the station to catch my train home I found it was cancelled because the driver was ill and they hadn’t been able to find a replacement because the messaging system had been down. Half an hour late home, a sort of instant performance assessment penalty…

    Sorry – I guess this anecdote won’t help much with entertaining your young children (or indeed you).

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