Some good advice… and some not so much

Friday’s Guardian carried a survey of responses from “leading MPs and political figures” on what the prime minister should do to turn around his fortunes. The best and most intelligent was from Tim Horton, research director of the Fabians, who said:

“Gordon should go on the offensive. He should use the opportunity that David Cameron is now electable to point out the ideological divide between Labour and the Conservatives. He should highlight the fact that David Cameron wants to cut taxes and spend more money. He should also highlight the divide between the Tories wanting a smaller state but still to be the champion of the people. He is at his best when he is challenging the opposition.”

Noticeably less sage (but perhaps more entertaining) advice came from Richard Bacon MP:

“I would go for Frank Field as their new leader because he commands genuine respect from everyone. And I would appoint Bob Marshall-Andrews as attorney general because he is a wasted talent on the backbenches.”

No comment.



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3 responses to “Some good advice… and some not so much

  1. Chris Gale

    We should also go on the offensive over Cameron’s pledge to re-legalise setting dogs onto wild mammals for so called ‘sport’ by repealing the 2004 Hunting Act.

  2. Isma azwa

    Awsome, fabulous!

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