Brown plans while media gossips

The PM today makes a speech today on how we plan for the future of elderly care. A hugely important issue given the deficit that awaits any future government unless something radical is done first. And yet, just five paragraphs into the BBC’s coverage, they return to their favourite activity – gossip:

“The speech comes after a weekend dominated by memoirs from Cherie Blair, John Prescott and Lord Levy focusing on his relationship with Tony Blair.”

And that has what, exactly, to do with this subject? It must be so easy being a political correspondent these days. You don’t have to know anything about the subject, about policy as such. Just repeat the latest gosspip going round the press gallery. The important thing is that you’re all saying exactly the same thing. Heaven forfend that one of you steps out of line and says something original. How would you explain that to your news editor?



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7 responses to “Brown plans while media gossips

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  2. George Ball

    The figure I read in one newspaper this morning was that some £6,000m/year is required to fund the shortfall.

    Oddly enough, this is exactly the same figure as one G Brown steals from pensioners each year from his tax grab.

    Mind you, by the time we have had a commission or two and a few hundred thousand more civil servants on to the job, I do not expect there to be much left to hand back anyway.

  3. It must be so easy being a political correspondent these days. … Just repeat the latest gossip going round the press gallery…

    I heard he once spent an entire cabinet meeting saying to Blair
    “Well I know you are, but what am I” in answer to every question.
    And then there was the time he harangued that aid, and the aid had a heart attack, and Gordon sent everyone home, but he stayed on working himself. And then he phoned the man in hospital to ask him if he had a copy of the report as he couldn’t find it and then he shouted some more because the man fainted..and then threw the phone into a drinking fountain and he made another aid go and get him another phone, but he said”But not a Black one” and everyone stopped.. and Gordon said “I meant a all know that,” And Jack said maybe he should apologise, because the aid was black himself , but Gordon said. “he’s Black, I’m Brown So What, where’s my phone..” and that time he jumped out the window to avoid Lord levy when he was..

    You know what..with this much ammo IT IT EASY.

  4. Buddie

    The BBC’s coverage of poloitics and economics has reached an all time low.
    Robert Peston’s style is better suited to tabloids. He creates fear and panic by his presentational style.
    BBC, get back to straightforward, independent reporting, please!

  5. Tom Robinson

    Am I wrong? Aren’t you a Scottish MP and isn’t this a devolved matter?

    Should this not mean that the Scottish parliament will decide on this, and that frankly you should be abstaining on the issue re England at Westminster?

  6. Oh dear, another English National Party voter, eh? The House of Commons is the UK’s national parliament and every member should have equal rights. Every spending decision it makes affects the constituent nations of the country.

  7. John W

    The media would not be focused on trivia if supposed ‘serious’ policy announcements had not become so empty. Brown and his team only concocted this story in an attempt to change the failure narrative and relaunch him as the caring prime minister, after losing it so badly over 10p tax.

    New Labour has been living on borrowed time with regard to their spin, the ‘feral beasts’ endlessly trivialising are a product of their behaviour since 1994.

    Your chickens, Tom, are coming home to roost.

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