A Frank apology

Labour MPs warmly welcomed Frank Field’s gracious apology to the prime minister during the chancellor’s statement this afternoon.

Colleagues have a spring in their step for the first time in a while. The government has listened, it has apologised and it has compensated. The only response that right wing bloggers such as Iain Dale and Guido Fawkes can offer is a petted lip and some resentful, half-hearted accusations to do with “unfunded tax cuts”. But surely, if the new Tories are all in favour of protecting the poor as ‘Dave’ says, they should be welcoming today’s announcement unreservedly?



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3 responses to “A Frank apology

  1. mac

    i can’t wait till this new site is going to come out, it’s called ihype.com. it’s going to be pretty sick.

  2. Chris Gale

    I do not trust Mr Field, he is an ally of Kate Hoey and the pair of them are I believe intent on bringing down the government.

  3. Half-hearted? This is the best thing the government has done since Brown was crowned. Why not raise the threshold to £10,000 and take millions out of the tax net?

    Oh, then you wouldn’t have so many people “dependent” on the state. Your client class would be liberated.

    Feudal serfs had to give 40 days labour to their masters. Tax freedom day this year won’t come until June. We have to slave for the taxman for half a year now. Socialist progress?

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