It’s surely not that bad, David?

My friend and colleague David Cairns, the Scotland Office minister, has been lowering sartorial standards in the House these past couple of days, sitting in the chamber and voting in the lobby without a tie! Disgraceful.

At the last vote a few minutes ago, he was spied by Wrexham MP Ian Lucas who, reflecting on the latest developments in Scottish politics vis-a-vis a referendum, asked David if had had his tie and shoelaces forcibly removed for his own safety.



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2 responses to “It’s surely not that bad, David?

  1. I was taken aside by the Labour whip last night at the AGM for a gentle word about the Annual Council meeting. I was told that the usual bike gear would not be acceptable, but on the basis that I no longer own a suit and threatened to come in a long frock instead (with appropriate bike clips), we compromised on ‘as smart as you can make it’).

  2. Math Campbell

    Would it cruel of me to ask as to whether Ian Lucas thought Mr. Cairns would have his tie/shoelaces confiscated because he’s too incompetent to be trusted with them, or because he might “off” himself upon reading the latest total disaster, sorry, er…press release from Wendy?

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