Of musical ministers and unzipped flies

Not long back from the Albert Hall where Carolyn and I were entertained by a performance of the world’s greatest band made up of British Members of Parliament, MP4 (geddit?). They are Kevin Brennan and Ian Cawsey (both Labour), Pete Wishart (SNP) and Greg Knight (Conservative). I’ve seen them many times before, though Carolyn hasn’t. They were very good – maybe the best yet, and some of the original stuff written by band members was actually excellent. During the encore (of course there was an encore; the band members didn’t even bother going through the motions of leaving the stage only to be coaxed back) they were joined on stage by Andy Burnham, Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport, who plays a mean guitar. Sadly I didn’t have my camera with me, though Jonathan Isaby of The Telegraph seemed to be recording just about the whole gig.

They were introduced on stage by Adam Boulton, who didn’t actually have to point out that his flies were broken. No-one would’ve noticed, Adam, we weren’t looking.


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