The bare faced cheek of Edward Timpson

Just received this from a contact, staying at an open prison somewhere near London. He had an interesting encounter with a bloke in a pub whose sister’s ex-boyfriend knew a friend of Edward Timpson, the Tory candidate in Crewe and Nantwich. I thought I should share it with a wider audience:

“This bloke – Bob, I think his name was. Or maybe Eric – anyway, he once met Timpson at a party where Timpson was actually drinking alcohol and laughing and stuff. I mean, honestly! So Colin… I mean Bob… follows him home, you know, just out of interest, and decides – you know, as a little white lie – to break into his flat and go through all his stuff to try to find out more about him. For the public good, you understand.

“This bloke Timpson must have had a lot to hide. His doors had two mortice locks and it took Dave/Bob nearly 20 minutes to chisel the window locks off. What’s that all about, eh? This bloke went through all of his mail and his bank statements. Couldn’t understand a word of them, of course. Then Timpson himself walks into the kitchen and turns the light on. And he’s shouting and swearing and threatening to call the police and all that. I mean, what kind of behaviour is that for someone who wants to be an MP, eh?

“So anyway, time for another white lie, so Bob says he’s a member of Conservative Central Office there to vet him to see if he’s a suitable candidate. Timpson doesn’t believe a word of it and calls the police so Bob legs it out of the window. And in my book, if someone doesn’t trust the word of a complete stranger standing uninvited in his kitchen at two in the morning, surely he shouldn’t be trusted himself?

“And another thing, I reckon the CIA and Mossad were behind 9/11, don’t you?

“Can I get paid now?”

I know there will be some who have reservations about me publishing information of this kind, but I think people have the right to know the truth. And anyway, it’s as reliable as anything else available on the subject on other political blogs.


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