Regional variations in lesbianism

It’s a pity that none of the lobby journalists appeared to be in the gallery during the exchange between Geraldine Smith, the Morecambe MP, and Chris Bryant, MP for Rhondda. Challenging Geraldine’s support for Iain Duncan Smith’s amendment to the Bill on the basis that it would discriminate against same-sex couples, Chris suggested Geraldine had not sought the opinions of lesbians in her constituency. She replied (and this is subject to correction by Hansard): “Actually I talk to lots of lesbians in my constituency. Maybe lesbians in Lancashire are just more down to earth than lesbians in the Rhondda.” Fantastic!

When was the last time you heard an exchange like that in the Commons? In fact, when did you last see a title like this for a blog post?


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  1. It’s a fantastic debate to watch on TV, I wish there were a lot more like this. I err on the pro choice side, but even most of the contributions made by people on the opposing side are very well made.

    For once in my life I found Ann Widecombe’s arguments to be well constructed.

    Though I do think (harking back to your earlier post) that there is a patriarchal agenda at work among some on the Pro-life (that is to say, pro-lives-of-the-early-unborn/pro ‘potential life’ etc) side, many arguments are what they prima facie seem to be; and I’d certainly agree that this is a matter of balancing the rights of the unborn, so arguing down a limit is not by necessity misogyny.

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