Tony’s not going to jail. Deal with it

A letter in today’s Telegraph resurrects that tired old middle class obsession: “With the detention of two BAE executives at US airports in relation to the Saudi arms deal investigation, can we now expect Tony Blair to be detained on his next visit to America over allegations blah, blah, blah, etc…”

Let me dash a few hopes here: Tony Blair is not going to be arrested for anything because Tony Blair has never done anything to be arrested for. This is simply an odd chattering classes wet dream encouraged by docudramas, stage plays and novels by people who should know better. If prime ministers could be imprisoned for implementing policies considered unpopular by a minority – or even a majority – of the electorate, every one of them would have spent time inside.

So get over it, mate.



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5 responses to “Tony’s not going to jail. Deal with it

  1. “Tired old middle class obsession”.

    Is that written as a toff or a class warrior? I’m a bit confused these days.

  2. You’re not the only one, Roger, believe me…

  3. Well said, Tom!

    Especially since he was the best thing that ever happened to Labour – and your party is now reaping the “benefits” of getting rid of him. Maybe not you personally – I don’t know where you stood in the coup (behind the curtains or offstage!)

    But he was a great PM and a good man. I’m sick to death of the liberal “intelligentsia”.

    Missing him now, eh?

  4. Blairsupporter – certainly not behind the curtains or offstage. It is a matter of record that, when asked by colleagues to sign the letter demanding Tony Blair’s resignation, I refused. Consequently, when Tom Watson resigned as a minister, I was appointed to the government to replace him.

  5. Fantastic news! I wondered what had happened to that little … er … toad.

    Well done, anyway.

    I know it’s hard to fight against a tide.

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