Friends in high places

One of the busiest days I’ve ever had, so haven’t had time to post. And the Commons is like a morgue today because everyone is working in Crewe (or are at home watching telly having told their whips that they’re in Crewe).

The most exciting news today is that Russell T. Davies is leaving his post as executive producer of Doctor Who. The good news is he’s being replaced by my old drinking buddy Steven Moffat. I first met Steven in 1989 when, as a reporter on the Paisley Daily Expres I was sent to interview him (he’s originally from Paisley) because he was the writer of an award-winning children’s TV series, Press Gang. He then went on to write a sitcom based on the break-up of his own marriage, and a few years later, when my own first marriage ended, we started getting very drunk together. He was always, like me, a big Doctor Who fan. He’s also one of the funniest people I’ve ever met.

And if you’ve ever watched the new “rebooted” Dr Who series, you may remember the one with the scary wee boy wearing a gas mask during the blitz, and the one with the really scary angel statues. Those were Steven’s stories. And now he’s the big boss. Huzzah!


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