A rare and solitary silver lining

This morning I witnessed an interesting and, I hope, widespread, consequence of the Tories’ victory in Crewe. A constituent who, although a Labour voter, had been critical of Labour in the past, told me: “New Labour were Thatcher Mark 2, but we’ve got to do something to stop that lot getting back in, because they’re just Thatcher Mark 3.”

Now, obviously I don’t agree with his description of the government (it’s funny how people’s memory of Thatcher’s awfulness fades over time), but if Crewe manages to concentrate people’s minds on the consequences of swapping this government for the alternative, then we will have managed to salvage something.

But as far as silver linings are concerned, right now I can’t perceive any others.



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2 responses to “A rare and solitary silver lining

  1. Andrew F

    I don’t suppose, given your position, that you’ll be able to answer this with complete honesty, but: do you gennuninely believe we have a realistic chance from here? If so, how? Would a move to the left (in order to motivate the base, and therefore make the next election less embarassing/comprehensive for Cameron) really be throwing away a proper chance at fourth term?

    I don’t want to go to university and into the world of work under a Conservative government – but I’d even less like to do so with a miniscule and inept Labour opposition. To me, ‘Thatcher Mark 3’ refers not to an ideology, but to a decimated opposition and a long, long stint in power for the Tories. Isn’t building a respectable opposition that can win in, say, six or seven years time the responsible and selfless thing to do?

    I don’t know.

  2. Andrew – whether or not you choose to believe me, I genuinely believe the next election is winnable. But it will be a hard slog between now and then.

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