The media’s agenda is not ours

The newspaper review on Sky this evening makes pretty depressing viewing for any Labour Party supporter. Yet I’ve spoken to a number of parliamentary colleagues today to discuss the post-Crewe situation, and the phrase “we’re all doomed” was not uttered, although we all accept the situation is serious.

Difficult times call for cool heads. The general election is two years away. New Labour’s obituary has been written more than once before, and will be written again, I have no doubt.

I don’t make the case for either complacency or for the Micawberish optimism that “something will turn up” between now and polling day. But if we’re to recover – and we must – we will have to plan our strategy according to our own priorities and our own timescale, not the media’s.



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2 responses to “The media’s agenda is not ours

  1. Tom

    “Our own priorities” you say. Yet DfT don’t seem to be publishing any bills next year. Is your department resting on its laurels? Are you telling us the transport network ain’t broke and ain’t in need of fixing? For in my region people beg to differ…

  2. Chris Gale

    The media including the so called ‘progressive’ press have been in hoc with project Cameron for a long time. It is in their interests and that of their Tory masters to sow discontent.

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