Like a bat out of Ayr…

It seems the Scottish Tories weren’t a big enough booking for Ayr Racecourse this weekend, and had to share billing with Clyde Valley Harley-Davidson Owners. My reliable source says: “It was really weird watching all these old guys, who are basically a bit weird and obsessive, enter the park…” Oh what’s the point? You must have seen that gag coming for miles.



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2 responses to “Like a bat out of Ayr…

  1. Math Campbell

    What I think is startling, watching the webcasts of the conference was the average age of members there!

    They were all grey! Don’t get me wrong, the older generations have a perfect right to play a part in our society, particularly in politics; age bestows wisdom as the saying goes (although not in every case!), but surely there should have been more people of my generation that are brought up in the modern world, not used to having new-fangled things shoved on them constantly.

    It’s a problem parties seem to be having all over.

    We’ve all seen Just-Call-Me-Dave’s webvideos and the like, and there’s even a few tory members blogs out there (few as in handful). But by and large the average age of activist in most parties is well into the 40’s!
    I’m 25 (ok, ok, stop sniggering, and no my ears are not damp at all). I grew up in Thatcherite Britain, used my first computer aged 3 etc. etc.
    I’m totally at one with the internet and all it’s associated technologies, and the ethical quandaries it presents (privacy, copyright, the role of the State in people’s virtual “lives” etc.) . But too many of those who run our country haven’t the faintest sodding clue. How many of your colleagues in Westminster (on both sides of the House) would need helped with what a “blog” is?
    How many wouldn’t know what an ISP is?
    Or why RFID could mean the end to consumer privacy?
    How many would struggle to setup an e-mail account, or know what a “facebook” is?

    These questions might sound daft, but in reality, we live in a very changing world. Our political representatives need to be able to come to grips with that world quickly and easily, not having to wait for a “briefing” from the office girl/boy on why that virussy-thing means oil’s up $3 and a company in their constituency is laying 100 people off.

    I worry sometimes the political apathy my generation has will come to mean our Government is staffed by the last of a dying breed, parliamentarians on their way to being octogenarians.

  2. Murmurer says : I absolutely agree with this !

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