What a way to spend an evening

The meeting tonight was quite good fun, if being questioned about government policy on cluster bombs, Israel, civil service redundancies, asylum seekers, interest rates, tax rates, bus policy and (deep intake of breath) MPs’ expenses inside a church on a Tuesday evening is your idea of “fun”.

At most there were about 30 there – and that included the representatives of the local Conservatives and SNP. But it was worth it, I think. No votes gained, of course. If anything I may have lost one or two. But as I explained at the start, I was trying to come up with answers that were honest, not necessarily the ones they wanted to hear.

Will I do it again next year? Probably. Maybe I could do a bit more to publicise it. Because advertising it on this blog is clearly one way of keeping it a secret.


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One response to “What a way to spend an evening

  1. Jane

    I am surprised that you did not have a reporter from your local rag present to give you some credence for holding the event? Every occurrence in this County is reported right down to comments/questions in the House as well as photographs of local events where an MP turns up. If you did not publicise it much a turnout of 30 is pretty good. I also think that all the issues raised are topical at the moment so it seems that it does not matter where you live in the country – concerns are the same.

    Thank you for the feedback – I would vote for you!

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