Got a grievance? Alex wants to hear from YOU!

Alex Salmond likes to believe he speaks for the whole nation. He doesn’t. He speaks for most of the SNP, a small minority of the Scottish Parliament and barely three out of every 20 Scottish voters.

So I wish he would stop insisting that when he’s angry about something (as he almost always is about something or other these days) that means the whole country is angry about the same thing for the same reason. None of us is happy about the price of petrol, but that unhappiness has the same cause, whether you’re filling up your car in Glasgow or Gloucester.



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3 responses to “Got a grievance? Alex wants to hear from YOU!

  1. He’s a Scottish leader, if not the absolute Scottish leader. He will speak about Scotland, this is his elected post, don’t knock him for that. Brown does just the same, but I don’t knock him for that, I knock the ridiculous, outmoded and undemocratic Westminster system. Just as councillors from the outer isles right now point to the rising oil price as the fastest rising and largest part of their education costs he points rightly to the noticeable effects the high oil price is having in Scotland, especially on the economy.

    By 3 out of 20 I presume you’re taking the turnout against the constituency vote? I make that 17.04% so I think you mean 3.4 out of 20 as opposed to the 3.3 out of 20 that the Labour party achieved with 16.68%. It’s a better representative result than anything we get from Westminster, and I think Salmond is, if you like his policies or not, ensuring that the turnout in the next Scottish General Election is the highest to date.

  2. But claiming that Salmond is going to be responsible for a high turnout at the next general election throughout the whole of the UK is pushing it a bit, don’t you think? Scots always turn out in higher numbers for UK general elections than for Scottish elections.

  3. That certainly would be pushing it a bit, I was referring to the next Scottish Parliament General Election. As you mention it, though, it will be fascinating to see what turnout the next election gets, another low one would surely point toward the absolute necessity of PR in Westminster elections to return the franchise to the masses. On the same maths Labour have held power with 6.15, 4.8, 4.3 and failed to gain power in ’92 when they had 5.34 (but that was a massive 77.67% turnout).

    I suppose no-one’s really been factoring turnout into their thinking just yet for the next election but it will be interesting to see who gets the voters who’ve not voted since ’97 back into the booths and how, especially in England.

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