Ministerial support

I texted David Cairns, the Scotland Office minister, earlier this morning to let him know that BBC Parliament was repeating the 1983 General Election results today. In the spirit of true comradeship, he’s texted back: “Go and do some work you lazy sod.”

But it’s recess, and I’m at home, blogging and looking after two-year-old Asbo (short for Asbowaitingtohappen) who is not remotely interested in watching BBC Parliament.


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2 responses to “Ministerial support

  1. Ah that’s right, I forgot that you’re in recess. Do you think that it’s a coincidence that the 1983 election is on at the same time, or is the BBC dropping a hint to those who are pondering the best way forward? 😉

    Maybe you could read this article to ASBO and let us all know what you think of it:

    It seems like it’s cost somebody their job, so it deserves some attention, but personally I’ve long-since thought that Labour’s on the wrong side of “the freedom agenda” (but that’s just me).

  2. You’re now on the blogroll. Good luck with the site.

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