Very angry comrades

I seem to have upset some readers of Labourhome with my confession to having voted SDP in 1983. I intended the post to be a nostalgic, not-too-serious look back at a terrible time in Labour’s history, but it seems I’m now the modern equivalent of Ramsay MacDonald or David Owen, according to some.



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2 responses to “Very angry comrades

  1. A nostalgic, not-too-serious look back? Sounded like a deliberate attempt to wind people up to me. So in that respect, you should feel some sense of achievement.

    The problem was not with how you voted in 1983 (it was 25 years ago, after all, and anyone can make a mistake) – it was the fact that you were trying to make some cheap political point out of it in 2010.

  2. Jim Knight


    I was 18. My first vote in the Tory heartland of Bromley & Chislehurst. Still at private school….I too voted SDP.

    All things considered perhaps a progressive move on my part. Happily both the Labour Party and I made substantial progress thereafter!


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