Go on, believe: some good news

At last week’s public open meeting in my constituency, the first question I was asked was about cluster bombs and why the government hadn’t supported a ban. I apologised for not being up to speed on that particular subject and promised to write to the constituent concerned.

Then, of course, I read the reports of what had actually happened. I wish I had been better informed before the meeting, because the constituent in question, a regular correspondent on issues like this and someone who feels strongly about it, would have welcomed the news that the prime minister had, in fact, agreed the ban.

For those who may feel let down by the government over Iraq and Trident, this is exactly the kind of development that will, I hope, be welcomed. Importantly, it provides some clear blue/red (delete as appropriate) water between us and the Tories; I don’t believe Cameron or any of his predecessors would have approved this particular policy.


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One response to “Go on, believe: some good news

  1. “Moderation in war is imbecility”.

    Admiral Jackie Fisher.

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