How to blow a building down

On the way to Central Station this morning I passed the site of what, until yesterday, was the site of three high-rise blocks of flats in Glasgow’s Gorbals. To an observer, these blocks were eyesores and a nightmare as a place to live. But from the comments of former residents who watched their demolition yesterday, it’s clear they were regarded with a lot of affection – before they deteriorated beyond repair.

As any resident of blocks like these will tell you, the quality of life there depends far more on the quality of your neighbours and on local community spirit than on appearances from the outside. Where any area is used by a local authority simply as a dumping ground for difficult tenants – including drug users – then the fabric of the buildings as well as the quality of life of all residents will suffer.

In acknowledgement of the fact that we all love to see explosions, here’s some footage taken by an observer yesterday. If you follow the link to the BBC story, there’s more footage from different angles.


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