Sex with a corpse: now illegal

Tonight the Commons voted to approve the draft Sexual Offences (Northern Ireland) Order 2008. Allow me to quote in full Article 74 of the order, entitled, “Sexual penetration of a corpse”:

“Article 74 makes it an offence for a person (A) intentionally to penetrate any part of the body of a dead person (B) with his penis, any other body part (for example his finger), or any other object, where that penetration is sexual. The offence is committed when A knows or is reckless as to whether he is penetrating any part of a dead body. This is intended to cover when A knows he is penetrating a dead body, for example in a mortuary, or where A is reckless as to whether B is alive or dead. It will not cover situations where A penetrates B fully believing B to be alive, but in fact B is dead, or where B unexpectedly dies during intercourse. The penetration must be sexual. A definition of sexual is given in Article 4. This is to exclude legitimate penetration of corpses, for example that which occurs during an autopsy.”




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4 responses to “Sex with a corpse: now illegal

  1. Blimey, are there many people that actually do this?

    And they said fox hunting was irrelevant…

  2. Andrew F

    What about informed consent!? What if B tells A that s/he can continue with intercourse in the event of death? Scandalous!* I really do hope some conservative commentator composes a rant about the “nanny state”, etc.

    *Joking aside, you can make a coherent case here: we/our relatives allowed to decide what happens to our remains, whether that be burrying the corpse under a mound of mud or incinerating the remains in a fire. And yet the government can prohibit an act which it happens to deem immoral. Of course, I wouldn’t actually make such a case, because practically such a scenario is unlikely. But still.

  3. Just in Northern Ireland though right? The Sexual Offences Act 2004 (?) made necrophilia an offence in England & Wales, did it not?

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