The Gospel according to Bugs Bunny

“Why is the Church of England surprised that congregations are going down?” a Labour colleague said to me in the tearoom yesterday. He quoted a recent poll which concluded that 70 per cent of respondents believed that the Easter Bunny was an integral part of the Easter story.

What really irked him, however, was the response of his local vicar to this dispiriting finding. This clergyman told his congregation: “In the Bible there’s no mention of there not being an Easter Bunny present during the events which led to Christ’s crucifixion and resurrection…”

How abysmally depressing.


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One response to “The Gospel according to Bugs Bunny

  1. Not perhaps as depressing as the ABofC admitting the game was up by saying the imposition of Sharia Law was inevitable.

    Now that really is a turkey voting for Christmas (said bird also not being explicitly excluded by the Scriptures).

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