Keeping the boys entertained

I’m blogging from Silverburn shopping centre just beyond the edge of my constituency. Carolyn’s off shopping and I’m in Starbucks wondering why the air conditioning has to be quite this cold. I brought the laptop with me to keep me occupied because Silverburn is that rare breed of shopping centre – it excludes men. Go to almost any other shopping centre in the west of Scotland – or anywhere else, for that matter – and you’ll find at least a couple of shops that most men will be interested in visiting: a Waterstone’s or HMV, for example. But not here. There are a couple of mobile phone shops, but that’s about as interesting as it gets. Plenty of clothes shops and opticians, and even a Yo! Sushi, but very little to keep the boys entertained. A pity, because it’s a very impressive development. I just hope we can get at least one book shop in the near future.

PS. Turns out it’s much warmer upstairs at Starbucks.


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3 responses to “Keeping the boys entertained

  1. How do you manage to blog in a Starbucks with 2 and 4 year old boys? It takes two grandparents to keep track of our grand daughter – even when buying her clothes?

    This could be a major break through

  2. The “boys” in the headline refers to rather older boys, Roger. On this occasion Asbo and his older brother were being cared for by their grandmother – we had a free pass for the night.

  3. John Smith

    A visit to Braehead Shopping Centre yesterday reminded me of your blog about Silverburn having nothing for men. It appears not so Braehead. They have been running a Men’s Health Week with stands and displays promoting a healthier lifestyle for the guys. And did you see the photograph of SFA chief executive Gordon Smith and the giant pair of pants that was in the papers earlier this week?

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