‘42 days’ is about lives, not popularity

A poll in today’s Telegraph suggests 65 per cent of the electorate supports an extension of pre-trial detention for terrorist suspects to 42 days. The only surprising thing about that figure is how low it is.

I spoke to a Tory frontbencher last week, who effectively admitted that in government his party would be far more likely to support this kind of measure, on the basis that a government’s first duty is protection of the country’s citizens, whereas the duty of the opposition… isn’t, really. Pretty shameful attitude. Labour, in the years BT*, voted regularly against the annual renewal of the Prevention of Terrorism Act. Only under Tony did we come to our senses and realise that only parties which take security seriously in opposition can be trusted with government.

The same is true today. The 42 days clause should be supported, not because it’s popular (though it is) but because it will help protect people. If the Tories understand this but oppose it for party political reasons, then they are not fit to govern.

* Before Tony



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2 responses to “‘42 days’ is about lives, not popularity

  1. Do we not have to consider however, the possiblity that we may, in the future, have a government “gone bad” that might exploit such a law in the name of terrorism to restrict the civil liberties of innocent people and protect against this?

    Another thing one should consider is if one were accidently arrested for terrorism and how it would effect ones liberties.

    Also, is it really necessary? Only a handful of people have ever reached the 28 limit and the police nor MI5 are asking for such extentions.

    Is it not true that the government is only pushing this through to act “tough” on terrorism, where infact it won’t make much difference to the protection of the public?

  2. It make me nervous when the state demands more powers to hold citizens without Due Process.

    It’s a bit like an alcoholic demanding the keys to the drinks cabinet.

    Mind you, as drinking looks set to join smoking as a prescribed activity perhaps it won’t be a problem.

    Trebles all round !

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