Well, it pays the rent, doesn’t it?

Andrea Riseborough (above) will star in Thursday night’s BBC4 drama, The Long Road to Finchley, a period drama about Margaret Thatcher’s rise to power. Andrea is a strange choice for the role (though I’m sure she’ll be good), especially since the last time we saw her she was playing the part of a Labour minister’s researcher in the awful Party Animals.

Makes you wonder who might be cast in future political dramas based on real life characters. David Mitchell as David Cameron, anyone?



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4 responses to “Well, it pays the rent, doesn’t it?

  1. Too modest, Tom! Who do you want to play you?

  2. I would hope George Clooney, but I guess it’s only a matter of time before someone suggests John Gordon Sinclair…

  3. Shelldrake

    …and Clare Grogan for Mrs H? Or am I on thin ice?

  4. Thin ice doesn’t begin to describe it, mate

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