Popularity contest: I’m not bitter

Chatting with a member of the Upper House in the tearoom yesterday (and yes, I know I spend a lot of time there), reflecting on the loss of esteem in which the public holds politicians. His lordship reminded me that, in fact, this trend towards holding others in contempt extends to just about every other professional group in the country: not just the usual suspects, the lawyers, MPs and journalists, but even teachers and GPs, whose judgments and advice are far more likely to be challenged than in the past.

And it occurred to me that the only group of people who have gone up in the populace’s estimation has been that with the least justification: celebrities. Actors, Big Brother contestants, footballers, WAGs.

What does it say about a society where Peter André can compete with Winston Churchill as a figure of admiration and respect?



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3 responses to “Popularity contest: I’m not bitter

  1. And as for suggesting that journalists were ever held in respect……

    What was in the tea?

  2. Nim Chimpsky

    I’d doubt that anyone really ‘respects’ Peter Andre in the true sense of the world. What does it say about society that we have a morbid curiosity and a desire to either admire or despise these ‘celebrities’? A lot, I should think. I wouldn’t dare to venture a comprehensive answer. A marketised individualistic society lowering the value civic ‘duty’ perhaps.

    What do you think it says Tom? I’d be interested to know, thanks for the reply on F4J.

  3. Big subject, Nim, and one I’ll return to in the future. Personally, I think the “instant gratification society” has a lot to answer for, as has the intense desire in anyone under the age of 30 to be famous.

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