Dave will have to settle for third place

According to Alex Hilton, Cameron and DD fell out over the former’s refusal to include a commitment to repealing 42 days detention in the next Tory manifesto. Alex also reckons shadow cabinet members were briefing against Davis this morning, which has the ring of truth to it.

The problem for Dave is that if, as DD expects, he becomes the darling of the Tory chattering classes for his stand on civil liberties, he will become a major irritant to the leadership, particularly if he returns to the Commons only to sit on the back benches. He’ll become the hero of the Conservative Party conference and Dave will come to be seen as gutless for not offering DD more explicit backing.

Dave’s already been eclipsed by Boris in the past month. Looks like after the next month he will officially become the third most popular Tory in the Tory Party.


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One response to “Dave will have to settle for third place

  1. Since when has Alex Hilton been an authoritative source of information?

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