Davis: ‘I’m not mad, honestly’

You know a strategy is going a bit wrong when the architect of it has to deny madness on day 2.

But you have to admire Iain Dale. As Iain knows, I am a fan of his and his blog, not least his admirable tribalism on behalf of the Tories. But does he really believe that the Cameroons aren’t extremely nervous about this turn of events at best, or hitting the panic button at worst? If DD manages to see off the challenge from Kelvin McKenzie and returns triumphantly to the Commons, it’ll be a case of “Dave who?”

It’s all very bizarre and illogical. More to the point, although DD will undoubtedly raise his media and party profiles, this is unalloyed bad news for the Tories and for Dave. And no amount of spin can make it otherwise. But well done for trying anyway, Iain.



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4 responses to “Davis: ‘I’m not mad, honestly’

  1. Russell

    I’ve been disgusted by the coverage of this (especially the BBC). I *WAS* a Labour supporter until you went and passed the 42 detention bill. No longer. I disagree with almost everything David Davis stands for but I would vote for him in the By-Election given the chance. There is no longer any chance of Labour in its current form getting my vote. It might seem like the country is in favour when the question is posed as ‘should we lock up terrorist suspects for 42 days’ but if you were to pose it as ‘should we lock up suspected criminals for 42 days without charge’ you’ll get one hell of a different response.


  2. On Thursday English MPs voted by a margin of 19 not to repeal England’s Magna Carta.

    But a sinister coalition of Labour Scots & Welsh and Irish Unionists put paid to England’s wishes.

    David Davis has probably lost his chance to be a part of the Cameron government, but if he strikes a blow for freedom against this totalitarian Prime Minister and his authoritarian Government then he’s better than the 645 of you put together.

    Shocking that Gorbal’s Mick let his personal politics pollute his office (yet again) by preventing David Davis from making his historical speech before the House. The sooner we have an English parliament free of his kind the better.

  3. Russell, you have been misinformed. As with 28 days – which, according to Amnesty International, has resulted so far in seven people being detained for the maximum time without charge – the new powers would allow suspects to be held for a MAXIMUM period of 42 days while a case was built, and even then subject to a judge’s regular agreement.

    As for Toque, I can understand why (though don’t agree) some are upset by Scots voting on those mythical “English-only issues.” This is the first time I’ve come across anyone objecting to Scots voting on UK-wide measures. And for the record, the Commons rules allow some ministers to make resignation statements, but not opposition spokespersons. The Speaker was merely doing his job by applying the rules of the Commons.

  4. I didn’t say it was unconstitutional for Scots to vote on this UK-wide measure, it does, however, present a very good case for English independence. Unionism or Liberty? Hmmm….Tough choice!

    There are English-only issues. If there are Scottish, Welsh and Northern Irish-issues, then logic dictates that there are English-only issues. The fact that the unjust Barnett Formula gives Scottish MPs the constitutional right to vote on English-only issues (because it determines Scottish spending) does not mean that the issues themselves are not English-only.

    You must learn to differentiate between a financial formula that gerrymanders the constitution in favour of Scots and a democratic principles. Otherwise you will remain a recruiting sergeant for English and Scottish nationalists.

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